The Geeks, The Druids, The Garage

Sagar Apte Startup CEO

Deepak Thomas Product Ninja

Rajendrakumar Rajguru Embedded Uber-Guru

Vinu K Systems Hacker

Himanshu Karia Universal Parallel Bus

Swapnil Baj Biz. Dev dude

Yunus Bhaiji Diode Dude

Shashikant Marale Production Czar

Sharuk Inamdar All-round Codefury

Rohini Coder on rails

Niloy Mondal Front-end Guru

Anuradha Kothale Quality Checkmate

Saurav Behera Embedded Chip

Dipti Kulkarni Embedded Minion

Nikhil John The Marketeer

Aarti Autee Finance/HR/Admin

Sonu Kumar Machine-code decoder



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