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With the CarIQ app, we've got you covered! Right from sharing your cool drives to connecting you with garages and assisting you with motor insurance renewals.

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    Sure, you love your car! But how well do you know about it? Discover intricate details like the condition of your car, recommended tyre pressure, and more info specific to your car.

    CarIQ app helps you find all the relevant information you need in your fingertips. You won't have to go searching for information about your car again.


    Engage with workshops, assistance providers, fellow CarIQ'ians all from one place. Create trips that are sharable on social networks, report problems while on the cruise, view your drive averages and daily summaries.

    Engaging with your car and others who are associated with your car is now fun, engaging and hassle-free.

        Get Rewarded

        Accumulating miles and showing it off is a bragging right in itself. What if you were rewarded for almost everything you do on the CarIQ app?

        Show off your drive history, interesting statistics and badges earned for your achievements! [coming soon]

        The one app for all your car needs

        Get the CarIQ app for Android and start interacting with your car. Get instant access to most of the features mentioned here. Start now for free and upgrade to PRO whenever you wish to.

        Killer Features

        Daily summaries and Reporting lets you know in-depth analysis of your own driving habits. Visualize your data - Rash driving, idling, hard accelerations, locations of your infractions et al.

        Keep track of your servicing and get timely reminders.Generate trips sharable on your social media profiles. View and report events like accidents or roadblocks when out on the roads.

        Got some query regarding anything that has to do with your car? Just ask our experts and they're always ready to help.

        Find the closest fuel pumps and get realtime rates of fuel right in the app.

        Due for Insurance renewal? Need help getting the best quotes in the industry? The CarIQ app is here to assist you with that too!

        With the free CarIQ app, you will have access to most of CarIQ's features. Download and get started!

        • ✓ Record trips via your smartphone
        • ✓ Get details about your car
        • ✓ Servicing schedule and reminders
        • ✓ View and report crowdsourced events
        • ✓ Get expert opinions for your car-related queries
        • ✓ Get the best quotes in the industry for Insurance
        • ✓ Get information about the nearest fuel pumps (with realtime rates)
        • ✓ FREE account

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        The CarIQ Platform

        CarIQ is proud to boast of a robust big-data platform crafted over months of R&D by brilliant minds. In this short span of time, it has analyzed 1.6 M+ kms of driving spanning over 62k hours driven by over 5k drivers.

        The data keeps making the platform smarter and ultimately helps you with your car's predictive maintenance.

        1,600,000+ kms of driving data analyzed.
        62,000+ hrs of driving data analyzed.
        5,000+ drivers analyzed.
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