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With CarIQ, we've got you covered! Right from analyzing your drives to connecting you with garages and assisting you with motor insurance renewals.

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Cars are an important part of our lives. CarIQ brings a new connected way towards driving and maintaining your car. CarIQ connects your car to the Internet, enabling you with anytime access to status, vehicle data, location and advanced analytics.

Key Features

  • Driving Analysis and custom feedback
  • Weekly Economy Score and info on money saved
  • Realtime Location Sharing
  • Car health overview
  • Variation of your driving patters over time
  • Alerts for Rash Driving, Geofence, Engine Errors, Impact, Towing, Engine ON, Continuous Idling
  • Generate Custom Reports and Trips
  • Daily activity summary of your drives
  • Navigate to nearby HP fuel-pumps and realtime rates at the pumps
  • Reminders: Document Wallet and Servicing History
  • Ask our experts / Get your bills reviewed
  • Complementary Pan-India Roadside Assistance

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The CarIQ Platform

CarIQ is proud to boast of a robust big-data platform crafted over months of R&D by brilliant minds. In this short span of time, it has analyzed 1.6 M+ kms of driving spanning over 62k hours driven by over 5k drivers.

The data keeps making the platform smarter and ultimately helps you with your car's predictive maintenance.

1,600,000+ kms of driving data analyzed.
62,000+ hrs of driving data analyzed.
5,000+ drivers analyzed.
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