The CarIQ Platform

CarIQ's robust platform is capable of handling and analyzing tens of thousands of vehicles simultaneously. It uses the latest in cloud technologies and has been put together after over a year of R&D

90000000+ kms of driving data analyzed.
3,500,000+ hrs of driving data analyzed.
50,000+ drivers analyzed.
1000000000+ data packets handled.
5,000,000+ alerts sent out to users.
3,000+ error codes detected.
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CarIQ platform uses the robust Microsoft Azure Cloud and is capable of handling tens of thousands of cars. The platform receives data from multiple sources via the Data Aggregator layer, where it is transformed and consumed by the platform. Big Data analysis is done on the stored data and the platform also integrates with external services for adding more knowledge using external data sources. The services layer acts as the layer to the outside world who are consumers of this data - reports, apps and enterprises being some of the existing consumers of this rich data set.

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